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1st September 2020|adventures, collie, dog walk, Dumfries and Galloway, baking, hoomins, lockdown, Scotland, walking.

On our garden watch

Haaii everyone!


We hope you’ve all made the most of your lockdown with your human families. We’ve been super busy looking after our humans. During the full lockdown months we spent a lot of time with the smoll hoomins; in amongst mum being a mum, teacher, chief night lamber she also was fitting in arts & crafts where the smolls made lots of NHS/Keyworker posters which we then delivered to all our friends and family for them to display for all the people working hard to keep all our hoomins safe and sound.


Well! As well as keeping the smolls busy with schoolwork, arts & crafts etc. Mum kept us all busy by arranging baking days (these were my favourite days) along with the smolls we have made biscuits, cakes and tray bakes (smolls kept dropping tid bits for Jennie and I to clean up – best days EVER!) they all smelled so good! We then go to go in the car up to the farm to share the delicious treats!


Lambing time fell during the height of lock-down and Sheep wait for no one; we were drafted in to graft along with our hoomins. Dads day job is to work with the silly woolly backs but as mum didn’t have you guys to walk & visit, she was able to lend more of a hand than normal at the farm. Jackson was on the day shift with Mum and the Smolls, but night shift was my time to shine! Every night I sat and waited for Mum to be ready so we could head up to the sheds and take on our watch. At times it was cold, sometimes it was really busy and other times we caught a little slack and got caught up on the bedding & cleaning the bottles for the pet lambs.

(Pet Lambs)

Night Shift in action


But – as hard as we work – we play even harder! Most days we had at least one walk with the farm dogs (well the ones who weren’t flat out after having a busy day at work). We also had great days in the sunshine up the river and did lots of snorkelling & swimming. On the hot days, the hoomins had BBQs which was prime mooching & clean up opportunities – yum!

Even the pet lambs got to join in!


We missed all out friends both furry and hoomin. We had much fun Face Timing and nosing at the screens. But after all this time we are starting to break out of our bubbles and start seeing our clients and friends again!

One of our furry friends!


There are so many people, doggos, caticuses and small furries that we have missed. We know that when your hoomins start to return to work, (if they haven’t already), that you will miss them terribly as we have all been so used to having them there all the time!

Jennie & Jackson:

So if you are missing your hoomins, never fear! Chesneys K-9 Care are here for all your needs!

Let your hoomins know that we are available for all kinds of care and, if you’re interested, have your hoomin call our hoomin!

We hope to see you soon.

Yours in Woofs

Jennie & Jackson

Executive Exercise Coordinators

Chesney’s K-9 Care

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