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9 April 2019

Our mum has been very busy with Chesneys K9 Care.

We've met and made so many new friends, with them we've had lots of adventures and the smell (ooft!) we Love a good scent.

It's been lambing time on the farm but mum always makes time for us and our friends.

Our friend Toby comes out with us every week for a rampage in the countryside, he runs very fast and has lots and lots of energy!

When mums not working or walking us with our friends she takes us out and we find new places and routes so we can take our new friends where we know it's safe, variety is the spice of life you know.

Sometimes mum leaves us at home, that's OK though, occasionally she gets to take out a big group of our friends on a pack walk (how exciting!!) or sometimes our new friend is a bit shy or wary of us. But it's all right 'cause soon they'll learn to love us as much as we love them.

Every week mum puts our availability on The Facebook and something called "Instagram" (we heard that "likes" = treats, so please go like our pages!!). It's good because then we all know which days we will be gambolling, playing and embracing our zoomies! We love that part of our social media pages, although we're not too sure about mum posting funny pictures of us, we are professional pack walk leaders you know!

Well, we best let you get on, mum and our small hoomins need their exercise!

Hope to see you soon,

Love, snuffs and wuffs

Jennie & Jackson

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